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Having all my documents stored on Seraf helps me track the progress of my investments. I can find the information I need quickly instead of searching through stacks of paperwork. With Seraf I finally understand the value of my angel portfolio and can make better investing decisions.


Portfolio Management for Early Stage Investors

All Your Info. One Place. Smart Investing.

Add investments quickly and easily

Track your portfolio in real-time

Manage capital flow

Analyze performance to maximize returns

Generate comprehensive reports

Monitor portfolio company progress

Record a wide variety of early stage securities and transaction types. 

Manage holdings in a web dashboard from investment to exit. Store documents for quick access.

Manage investor capital, along with cash on hand, NAV, IRR, TVPI and more.

Gain powerful insights to improve decision-making and invest smarter. 

Create reports quickly for accountants, co-investors, and other key stakeholders. 

Track key metrics and valuations for each company over time.

Specialized Tools to Manage Your Portfolio

Trusted by Thousands of Investors Worldwide

What Makes Seraf Different

Deep Experience

Designed by active, early stage investors with over 25 years experience in fund creation and portfolio management.

Easy Workflow

Seraf guides you through a few easy steps to get your portfolio up and running quickly. Get key performance insights and generate reports in no time.

Uniquely Focused

Developed specifically to meet the needs of early stage investors, Seraf provides the tools YOU need to manage your portfolio efficiently.

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Seraf is a great tool to track my investing activity. Prior to doing so, I was using Excel. While my records were good, it didn’t provide me nearly the depth of tracking that Seraf provides. I can now see when convertible notes are scheduled for repayment, when warrants expire, and see reports that give me insights into my portfolio.