Portfolio Management for Early Stage Investors

Industry leaders use Seraf to drive better returns.

Add investments quickly and easily

Track your portfolio in real-time

Manage venture funds and LPs

Analyze performance to maximize returns

Generate comprehensive reports

Monitor portfolio company progress

All Your Info. One Place. Smart Investing.

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Record a wide variety of early stage securities and transaction types. 

Manage holdings in one web dashboard from investment to exit. 

Track capital commitments, calls and fees. Update valuations quickly. 

Gain powerful insights to improve decision-making and invest smarter. 

Create reports quickly for LPs, group members, accountants and lawyers. 

Track company status and key metrics. Store  documents for quick access. 


"Seraf is our go-to platform for managing both our Angel group, Rockies Venture Club, and our venture fund, Rockies Venture Fund. It has become a vital component of our portfolio management process. Before Seraf, we were using nearly a dozen different tools and platforms to manage our deal flow and investments; with Seraf, we're able to house a lot of those solutions in one place, making the process much more streamlined. I'd highly recommend Seraf for any fund managers or Angels looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their portfolio."

Dave Harris,  Director of Operations Rockies Venture Club  |  Colorado

"Seraf has been a godsend and is ideally suited to our needs. Its strong UI, organisational tools and dashboard functionality are excellent and the feedback from members has been very positive. The support team has been a huge plus and they are very hands on through the implementation."

Fraser Lusty,  Investment Director Equity Gap  |  Scotland

"Tracking individual investments as well as a portfolio of investments becomes a time-consuming burden. At the NO/LA Angel Network, we’ve found that Seraf provides an outstanding solution to this. Its tool for centralizing deal info - from documents to terms of successive financing rounds and their influence on IRR to extraordinary charts and graphics - enable an investor to quickly and easily see the performance of their investments in real time."

Mike Eckert,  Chairman
 NO/LA Angel Network  |  Louisiana